Say Goodbye to your Sofa

And say hello to foldable, space saving, versatile comfort - Thai Triangle Cushions

What is a Thai Triangle Cushion?

Thai triangle cushions are unique to Thailand and have evolved from a traditional cultural preference for sitting or squatting at floor level. This innovative, free standing, mobile lounger features an ergonomically 'correct' triangular back rest attached to a seat pad, simply held in place by your weight.

Thai triangle cushions are ideally suited for simple natural minimalist living. They appeal to all ages and will solve your space problems.

"Love my new triangular Thai cushion / bed / sofa / lounger! It is my favourite thing to slide it up to the sliding glass doors in my studio and look out at the rain while I drink my hot tea. Super comfortable!"
Colleen Butler, Vancouver


Health & Wellness

Thailand is famous for its healing practices and spas. Buddhist simplicity is highly valued. Floor seating encourages healthy, mindful posture. The added triangle backrest enables everyone to enjoy comfort. Folded out to full length, the three fold triangle becomes a comfortable daybed, perfectly suited for relaxation. All cushions are stuffed with 100% kapok.

"A wonderful way to enjoy lounging on our new deck!"
Maryl Clark, Montreal

Space Saving

Need more space? Too much clutter? Looking for simplicity? You’ll love the multiple uses of a triangle cushion. Foldable and rollable seats, beds, and mats are the perfect creative solution for the challenges presented by small living spaces.

"Perfect for my son who is a first year student at UBC."
Kathy Smith, Surrey

Family Friendly

Be it to nurse a baby, to support an infant’s first standing on two legs, a pajama party feature, teenage pad, college student’s only furnishing, visitor bed, a favourite deck chair, young senior’s downsizing dream, or aiding as back support in bed, the Thai triangle is truly the most family friendly furnishing imaginable. The functionality and versatility of this product represents excellent value for the budget conscious shopper.

"Excellent multipurpose item for my small apartment."
Ruth Harrison, Calgary